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FOX News
Dec 29, 2012 7:00pm PST
. california, a driver running right off the road and into a home in suburban sacramento. the car blasting a huge hole in the side of the house. two people were inside, but thankfully unhurt. police are investigating the man behind the wheel for drunk driving. new york, the snow must go. football fans hitting ralph wilson stadium to clear out the place before sunday's game. workers paid $10 an hour, not too bad for true blue bills fans. >> it is a fun time. usually off during the holidays, and you get to go and take some cool photos. >> rhode island, hmm. christmas trees. turns out goats love them. a farm outside providence is taking old christmas trees from around town so the goats can feast away. >> it started a few years back when we gave them our own christmas tree. >> the pushier ones will get there first and then the wimpy ones will have what is left. >> that's across america. >>> in new york they are getting ready for the biggest new year's eve party in the world. it is tradition alley times square. organizers prepared to welcome a million people at the crossroads of the world. anna
FOX Business
Dec 25, 2012 11:00am EST
california and other chain get similar top results. >> this is what i say. give me the worst schools black common mexican, polka dots give us the worst anywhere in america we will take an outperform the other schools in five years. >> creating a the model. >> these are hard workers. >> these kids now has some of the highest scorers if you can do this on the same amount? >> we get less than every other school. >> the kids in the american indian public charter schools our scoring so far above the average for this state that there is not even know word for it. john: they use different scores they pay kids to tutor other. >> we hire our students and we pay them. they are excited because they will make money. >> although they said that is politically incorrect you will study scions? the mexican and scions? good for years. >> he has been criticized for imposing strict rules to make you got in trouble? >> they want us to succeed. >> this student may dead student do pushups. >> you have to try hard. >> i hate saturday school. >> we do not have as much cellmark but here we have six subjects and th
FOX News
Dec 2, 2012 9:00pm PST
worked for schwarzenegger. >> what happened to him? he took on the entrenched party system in california and got his butt kicked. >> got terminated by them. >> i don't think arnold knew what he was getting into. i think he tried -- >> i disagree. never met a person who can't -- who was less good at brick -- better at bringing people together than arnold. an amazing attitude. >> but he left office with a 25% approval rating. it was just you guys that liked him. >> i'm the 25%. >> you and your pals out there, lowe. come on. >> it's very very divisive state. you're a sin tryst -- centrist in california you get run over. that's too bad. in the center we should be because all of us agree on a lot. >> have you become more conservative as you get old center. >> no doubt. i am a centrist. my son had me take a poll. you couldn't put me nor in the middle. >> these pinheads in hollywood, do they care about the country's shape right now? are they aware there are changes? >> yeah. i think a lot of people in hollywood might care a little too much. and involve themselves with maybe things that are abov
FOX Business
Dec 1, 2012 1:00am EST
of like cows? some of you shudder at the idea, and it is illegal in some places like california and illinois. conventional wisdom says it s not right to eat a zebra or a ter buffalo or a horse. so how many of you are repulsed or bothered by the idea and would not do our taste test? a few of you. okay. it is just wrong. well, that is bought, says the chef at beaver creek ranch in texas. beavercreek is a resort where guests pay to have zebra, water buffalo, and this cute animal. they eat what they kill command they eat it afafter it has been cut by the chef. so at their ranch people come for this. they are not squeamish. >> right. fourteen different varieties of animals. pick out which one you want to hunt for. the harvest the animal, bring it back and cook it. john: people say it tastes good. >> and it's better for you because it is leaner. i have been a chef for years. it beef from the grocery store verses cooking as zebra, if you cook it and put it on the grill there is so much more fat. it's a lot more lane. yohave to do more to it, baby it, tenderize it. john: lean means toug
FOX Business
Dec 27, 2012 9:00pm EST
and keep it off the coast of california outside the reach of immigration controls and foreign entrepreneurs could work here, is that the idea? >> that is correct. were creating what we call a visa free technology incubator on aship, 12 miles off the coast of the bay area. >> definitely miles escapes the rules of the united states. >>guest: it is outside the territorial waters. >> the idea is and you are from the silicon valley area, that you can come to america with a work visa and work three months or six months but you cannot stay so you have the four engineers on the boat and the silicon valley tech geniuses go back and for the and work with them? >>guest: when you come for a few months on tourist or work visasou cannot work, so there is no avenue where the entrepreneurs can come hour and create the companies which create the jobs and the economic growth and the prosperity and put silicon valley on the map. >> time is needed for the companies to grow and enable them to have that period of time to meet relevant investors and they can grow. it is an incute baiter to get the small companies
FOX Business
Dec 25, 2012 1:00pm EST
psychiatrist at the university of california santa barbara and the author of the mind of the market. so, there is your book, let me start with you since you talk about the mind. you say the faith in government comes from evolution and? >> the natural propensity we have is if people have more stuff than somebody else, there must have been something else done wrong, something immoral, something unfair because in the small band of hunter and gatherer in very resource poor environments for most nobody had any kind of wealth so any redistribution had to be done fairly equally or else it was obvious somebody was getting more than somebody else through unfair means. that is how it was throughout history. john: i wouldhink when we lived in the clan or the tribe there was an elder or a few of them who ran things. >> right, there is a chief or a big man that solves the problems, so we tend to look up to the alpha male. you solve the problem for us, you make the decision for us if we can't.wnç it. john: do you agree with that? >> with a lot of it. we live in an advanced industrial economy where m
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)